Game Design Final Projects

Before the long blog post reflecting & dissecting how this all went, here are the final projects from my students if you wanted to play a few of them first. They're pretty cool. This is my second year teaching an introductory Computer Science class, mostly following the curricula provided by's CS Discoveries class. Last... Continue Reading →


Shark Tank: An Explore PT Practice Task

For the third year in a row, I've done a Shark Tank project with my AP CS Principles classes as their Semester 1 final exam. After 3 years of messing around with it, it feels worthwhile enough to share out. The genesis for this project came from the AP CS Principles Explore Performance Task. When... Continue Reading →

Mistakes Gallery Walk

I've been exploring lots of ways to have students engage with code & syntax without actually writing code & syntax. One of the strategies I've been investigating is getting students to interact with mistakes, hopefully making them better debuggers and getting them to think critically about the grammar rules of syntax rather than the results.... Continue Reading →

Pair Programming & Intentional Navigating

I've made it a goal of mine to use Pair Programming a lot more frequently and intentionally in my classes this year. I'm bought-in to pretty much all of the benefits of Pair Programming from an educators perspective, but there are times where I struggle with what to do with navigators. Sometimes I see navigators being too passive, either... Continue Reading →

My Room This Year

I'll offer these without too much commentary, other than to say: I've been reflecting a lot on what my classroom space communicates to students regarding a sense of belonging and a sense of inclusivity. Thanks to a recent NCWIT presentation, I've been focusing on how my classroom & other materials might be tapping into the... Continue Reading →

Trying Out PRIMM with Javascript

At some point over the last few weeks, I stumbled upon the PRIMM structure to teaching programming from the King's College London. The gist of it is described in the image below: Poking around the King's College website, it seems like this is a relatively new framework for introducing new code snippets and programming concepts... Continue Reading →

New Teaching Strategies

I'm wrapping up a summer full of PD with lots of ideas in my head. Here's a list of new teaching strategies (in no particular order) I plan to implement this year based on what I've been looking into: Call & Response Source: AVID & Microsoft TEALS at CSTA2018 As I've drifted between different pedagogy resources... Continue Reading →

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