End-Of-Year Retrospective

I just finished my third year of teaching AP CS Principles. Each year I give a survey at the end of the year asking lots of questions about how things went. The results are best summarized by the amazing Justin Aion on twitter: https://twitter.com/MrATeachesMath/status/1133728533245779968 I've taken a once-over look at the results. Now I want... Continue Reading →


Student-Centered Discussions in a CS Classroom

I've been iterating on a process to run student-centered discussions about code in my Computer Science classes. After a while I started recording them - you can listen to most of them here. I've gotten to the point where I like what's happening and want to write about it before I forget how I got... Continue Reading →

A Year of CSTA Meetings

This past Tuesday was our last local Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) meeting for the school year. It's also the end of our first year having any CSTA meetings - these types of meetings & gatherings didn't exist until a colleague and I started organizing them back in August. All of this is pretty new,... Continue Reading →

Game Design Final Projects

Before the long blog post reflecting & dissecting how this all went, here are the final projects from my students if you wanted to play a few of them first. They're pretty cool. This is my second year teaching an introductory Computer Science class, mostly following the curricula provided by Code.org's CS Discoveries class. Last... Continue Reading →

Mistakes Gallery Walk

I've been exploring lots of ways to have students engage with code & syntax without actually writing code & syntax. One of the strategies I've been investigating is getting students to interact with mistakes, hopefully making them better debuggers and getting them to think critically about the grammar rules of syntax rather than the results.... Continue Reading →

Pair Programming & Intentional Navigating

I've made it a goal of mine to use Pair Programming a lot more frequently and intentionally in my classes this year. I'm bought-in to pretty much all of the benefits of Pair Programming from an educators perspective, but there are times where I struggle with what to do with navigators. Sometimes I see navigators being too passive, either... Continue Reading →

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