Function Families and Lottery Tickets

Hey folks - long time no see. I recently presented at my favorite math conference (the Mathematics Educator Apprecation Day conference) on an intersection between math and computer science, and I thought I'd write up the gist of the presentation I wrote up the whole thing I don't know how to be brief. Sorry /... Continue Reading →


I did some things at CSTA2020. If you attended any of my sessions: thank youuuuuuuu!! and hope it was worthwhile. If you couldn't make it, but are a CSTA+ member, you can watch the sessions when they're released online. What follows below are some additional resources and shoutouts. Session: Git & GitHub in 3 Lessons... Continue Reading →

New Teaching Strategies

I'm wrapping up a summer full of PD with lots of ideas in my head. Here's a list of new teaching strategies (in no particular order) I plan to implement this year based on what I've been looking into: Call & Response Source: AVID & Microsoft TEALS at CSTA2018 As I've drifted between different pedagogy resources... Continue Reading →

Organizing Supplies in a Computer Lab

I teach in in a computer lab with some spacing issues - 32 computers organized into pretty close quarters. Here are a few pictures of my room both with and without students:   (Side note: these are from very early in the school year - I've since decorated my walls with posters. Just wanted to throw... Continue Reading →

Logic Gates With Posters & Post-Its

One of the more isolated standards in the AP Computer Science Principles framework is 2.2.3F: A Logic Gate is a hardware abstraction that is modeled with a Boolean function. I find it super tricky to find a place in the curriculum to teach this without it feeling like a diversion from whatever unit or topic... Continue Reading →

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