Student-Centered Discussions in a CS Classroom

I've been iterating on a process to run student-centered discussions about code in my Computer Science classes. After a while I started recording them - you can listen to most of them here. I've gotten to the point where I like what's happening and want to write about it before I forget how I got... Continue Reading →

Classroom Posters & Thoughts on Belonging

A while ago, the Never The Less podcast released a series of beautiful Women in STEM posters. I already had a set of posters, but these ones were just beautiful and full of people I had rarely heard of before. I convinced my school to print several copies of them for me to hang... Continue Reading →

My Room This Year

I'll offer these without too much commentary, other than to say: I've been reflecting a lot on what my classroom space communicates to students regarding a sense of belonging and a sense of inclusivity. Thanks to a recent NCWIT presentation, I've been focusing on how my classroom & other materials might be tapping into the... Continue Reading →

New Teaching Strategies

I'm wrapping up a summer full of PD with lots of ideas in my head. Here's a list of new teaching strategies (in no particular order) I plan to implement this year based on what I've been looking into: Call & Response Source: AVID & Microsoft TEALSĀ at CSTA2018 As I've drifted between different pedagogy resources... Continue Reading →

Trying to Figure Out Call & Response

I'm in the middle of a whirlwind of summer professional development and I'm in the middle of processing all of my thoughts in a separate blog post that I'll hopefully share soon. But in the mean time, there's one strategy I've seen a few times this summer that I still have trouble wrapping my head... Continue Reading →

Bellwork & Exit Tickets in a Coding Classroom

I've been teaching a class called Computer Science Discoveries using a curriculum from The course is pretty cool and has a broad overview of different entry points into being creative with coding - making websites, making games, making apps, and making programs with basic electronics like the Adafruit Circuit Playground. This means my students... Continue Reading →

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