Game Design Final Projects

Before the long blog post reflecting & dissecting how this all went, here are the final projects from my students if you wanted to play a few of them first. They're pretty cool. This is my second year teaching an introductory Computer Science class, mostly following the curricula provided by's CS Discoveries class. Last... Continue Reading →

Pair Programming & Intentional Navigating

I've made it a goal of mine to use Pair Programming a lot more frequently and intentionally in my classes this year. I'm bought-in to pretty much all of the benefits of Pair Programming from an educators perspective, but there are times where I struggle with what to do with navigators. Sometimes I see navigators being too passive, either... Continue Reading →

3D Printing Projects

I taught two new preps this year - Computer Science Discoveries through and an Electronics class where I had the freedom to explore different curricula and activities to teach circuits and microprocessors. My school had also purchased a 3D printer that I could use in my classes, so I decided to try a few lessons... Continue Reading →

Div’s & Grids in HTML

I've been following the curriculum for Computer Science Discoveries and its been going pretty good, but I ran into a timing issue. I finished their HTML & CSS lessons with about 2 weeks until the end of the quarter and our week-long fall break. I didn't really want to start the next unit on... Continue Reading →

HTML Cut-Outs & Running for Cards

I'm on fall break right now, so I want to catch up and post some stuff I've been doing in some of my Computer Science classes. This little gem comes from my adventures in the Computer Science Discoveries Curriculum. I was in Unit 2 on Web Design and I was really struggling with finding... Continue Reading →

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