Classroom Posters & Thoughts on Belonging

A while ago, the Never The Less podcast released a series of beautiful Women in STEM posters. I already had a set of posters, but these ones were just beautiful and full of people I had rarely heard of before. I convinced my school to print several copies of them for me to hang... Continue Reading →

Game Design Final Projects

Before the long blog post reflecting & dissecting how this all went, here are the final projects from my students if you wanted to play a few of them first. They're pretty cool. This is my second year teaching an introductory Computer Science class, mostly following the curricula provided by's CS Discoveries class. Last... Continue Reading →

Mistakes Gallery Walk

I've been exploring lots of ways to have students engage with code & syntax without actually writing code & syntax. One of the strategies I've been investigating is getting students to interact with mistakes, hopefully making them better debuggers and getting them to think critically about the grammar rules of syntax rather than the results.... Continue Reading →

3D Printing Projects

I taught two new preps this year - Computer Science Discoveries¬†through and an Electronics class where I had the freedom to explore different curricula and activities to teach circuits and microprocessors. My school had also purchased a 3D printer that I could use in my classes, so I decided to try a few lessons... Continue Reading →

Logic Gates With Posters & Post-Its

One of the more isolated standards in the AP Computer Science Principles framework is 2.2.3F: A Logic Gate is a hardware abstraction that is modeled with a Boolean function. I find it super tricky to find a place in the curriculum to teach this without it feeling like a diversion from whatever unit or topic... Continue Reading →

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